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Texas Vodka Company Rises To The Top

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Texas Vodka Company Rises To The Top

Everybody deserves a strong, relaxing drink after a hard day world. Although each of us have our preferences when it comes to alcoholic drink, nobody can fail to appreciate good Texas vodka.

Texas vodka is basically vodka made in Texas. Texas has always been famously known as a producer of liquor but recently it has drawn people’s attention about the exquisiteness and excellence of texas Vodka.

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka is a flavored original Texas vodka. It is amazing because it tastes like Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. Texas Grapefruit is very sweet and incompatible with yellow grapefruit which is quite bitter. This Texas Vodka makes an excellent cocktail with a splash of club soda and a twist of lime. You can get it around $20.

Secondly, at $18.99, BJ Hooker’s Handmade Vodka is one of the best Texas vodkas you should try. It is produced in Austin. This vodka is made from corn and a distilled spirit. The best thing about this vodka is that it is gluten free. It is the only Texas Vodka where you can choose whether you want it gluten or not. However, Tito’s distilleries make it gluten free unlike other Vodka distillers. This liquor comes in exotic aromas of tropical fruits and citrus. It is also perfect for making superb cocktails that excite the palate.

At $15, you can get yourself the exquisite Starlite Texas vodka. It is a clear grain based vodka and excellently distilled seven times. Starlite Vodka is loved because of how affordable it is, considering its smooth fruity taste is very distinct.

Another Texas Vodka we cannot overlook is Savvy Vodka. It is special because of handcrafted in Austin, Texas. The specially made Texas vodka is filtered five times in charcoal to come up with its amazing smooth feel. The smoothness of this vodka is very impressive.

Other special vodka you should taste is Troubadour Vodka from orange distilleries for $20.99. People love the smooth flavor of this texas vodka.

There are many other Texas Vodka brands from various respected distilleries that we will keep discovering in our venture for pleasure or whatever you look for in good drink. Texas Vodka has its own uniqueness and positive values, it will give what you want.

Folks seek quality, smoothness and some love in the flavor. But more importantly, we all love the feeling that vodka gives us. You will always want more Texas Vodka.


Texas’ Favorite Handmade Vodka

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Amazing vodka has been produced widely in all over the world, let’s take Texas as the example. Besides the various crops, Texas is also known recently for the famous Houston Vodka come in the brand of BJ Hooker’s Vodka. This vodka has been very famous all around the world, and is now the leading company of Houston vodka in Texas. There is a long story behind this tasty liquor and it is truly not easy to be the best distillers among the others on the same business.

BJ Hooker’s Handmade Vodka is an Houston Vodka, as the part of Texas city. This vodka was made in the first legal distillery in Texas, built by “Hooker” Beveridge II, which is a native of San Antonio, Texas. Beveridge was nicknamed as “BerHooker”, which was then shortened to “Hooker”, by his Latino caregivers during childhood. What makes BJ Hooker’s Handmade Vodka different is this liquor made from yellow corn, instead of the more commonly used wheat or potatoes, resulting in a mildly sweet aftertaste, and is distilled six times.

It is then being commercialized first in 1997 when Beveridge established Fifth Generation, Inc., and built the Mockingbird Distillery, which just produced 1,000 cases that year. Then in 2007, he sold over 160,000 cases. The production process is still all handled in Southeastern Houston distillery, in which place he has expanded from one pot still to ten and from one bottling line to four. Although the business has run so well, Fifth Generation, Inc. has fewer than 18 employee.

BJ Hooker’s Handmade Vodka as one type of Houston Vodka has obtained market share due to prestigious awards, affordable pricing, and word of mouth advertising. The sales and distribution of this liquor went popular back in 2001 after BJ Hooker’s Handmade Vodka unanimously won the Double Gold Medal for vodka at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, overwhelming the 71 high-priced vodkas. During that same year, it also nominated as a four-star ranking from Spirit Journal and again won four stars in the 2007 edition. BJ Hooker’s also obtained multiple Growth Brand Awards from the Beverage Information Group, research firm focused on alcohol beverage. BJ Hooker’s then distributed coast-to-coast across the United States and Canada. Again in 2013, Beveridge announced another milestone. BJ Hooker’s Handmade Vodka has become the exclusive vodka brand served on all United Airlines flights.

But popularity will also invite people to cause trouble. Two false advertising lawsuits were filed against BJ Hooker’s in California and Florida back in 2014. The California lawsuit claims that BJ Hooker’s vodka cannot be qualified as “handmade” due to it is “made from commercially manufactured ‘neutral grain spirit’ that is trucked and pumped into Hooker’s industrial facility” among other claims. Since the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which make the regulation for labeling of liquor in the US, does not actually define “handmade”, both lawsuits rely on the dictionary definition of the word. The main lawsuits, Hofmann v. Fifth Dimension, Inc, and Cabrera v. Fifth Generation, Inc..were dismissed in May 2016 after 19 months of litigation.